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We have Golden Retriever Puppies, male and female puppies for sale, local pickup or 24 hours delivery! Golden Retriever was conceptualized differently than any other pet store you have ever seen! We work directly with local small breeders, within a 4-hour driving distance, who believe in bettering the breed standards by only breeding the best, healthiest, and cutest puppies in the nation!



Welcome to our Golden Retriever website! We are a Golden Retriever breeder located in the USA . We breed dogs for temperament, health, structure and conformation. All of our dogs are our pets as well as show/working dogs, they live in the house with us and are a part of our family. Our puppies are raised in our home with a lot of love and care.

 golden retrievers health and life span

Golden retriever’s health and life span

If you are going through this article, the chances are that you have a Golden Retriever, or you are thinking about getting one for yourself. Anyhow it is, Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs that are caring, loving, loyal, and protective, 

how much is golden retriever dog?

How much is a Golden Retriever?

Gentle, caring, and loyal, the Golden retriever is one of the most famous dogs in the world. Most people believe that the price for a Golden Retriever can never be too high to pay. Before bringing a Golden retriever home, there are a lot of remarkable things you should think about.

what is bad about golden retriever

What is bad about the golden retrievers?

The Golden Retriever is a popular and well-known breed of dog that is always in the news for one reason or another. It is one of the most beautiful and kindest pets in the world because it is loyal, happy, and forgives easily.

types of golden retrievers

Types of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are exceptional breeds of dogs that are famous around America. They are quite adept in hunting, policing, and guide for people who are not mobile. Also, they love creative exercises like training and following directives.

are golden retriever good family dog?

Are golden retrievers good family dogs?

Golden retrievers are an exceptional breed of dogs that show compassion, mercy, and loyalty to the owners. They are mostly hairy, teachable, caring, and almost always the best family dogs around.

golden retriever facts

Golden Retrievers facts

There are a few dogs that command respect and love as the Golden retriever. This fantastic pet has full fur, hairy, beautiful, caring, and fiercely loyal. It is arguably the best family dog around because it pays considerable attention to details, and even strangers love it.


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Hello  Golden Retriever team! Thank you so much for my lovely golden retriever puppy :) She is so fluffy, energic and so much beautiful! We call her Anie. She is only the second day with us and already became a family honey!

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Grater’s Family

Hi, just wanted to let you know that Elsii is doing so good here. She got to hang out with me and my husband for about an hour before bedtime, and then she went to sleep in her new crate with no problems.

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Hi, just sending you some pics of little Suki & my son Ray- They settled in so well together and they went to the park today and met some other little doggies :) They are so lovely and  happy together. Thanks Golden Retriever pups!