Are golden retrievers good family dogs?

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Golden retrievers are an exceptional breed of dogs that show compassion, mercy, and loyalty to the owners. They are mostly hairy, teachable, caring, and almost always the best family dogs around.

Most people have different choices when it comes to dog breeds for families, and this post will explain and show why golden retrievers are excellent family dogs.

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1. They are mostly friendly

Any pet one wants to bring into the family should usually be friendly so it won’t hurt anyone around. The Golden retrievers are known to be one of the best, if not the best when it comes to friendliness. They allow you to come close and create a bond with them, most times turning best friends. Also, they enjoy playing and don’t get angry quickly. They are there to please you and your family members, and they don’t bite or hurt their loved ones.

2. They are easy to please and handle

Some dogs are too hard to handle. They are always around you and don’t give up personal space, thereby sapping their owners. The golden retrievers are not like that because they show exceptional brilliance and understanding to make their owners happy. When they are around you, they make sure you enjoy yourself and your family members. With the right training, they will easily do all your biddings and will always be available to make you happy.

3. They get along with children easily

Most children adore, play, and love dogs a lot, but the reverse is the case for some dogs. As a family man, you would like to get a pet your family can be free around and also protect them. The golden retrievers are not only friendly to children; they are simple to play with too. Apart from being helpful, they are intelligent enough and well trained to protect, guard, and save the children whenever they get in harm’s way.

4. They adapt quickly with other new pets

Golden retrievers are intelligent and quickly adapt to any new pet in the home. They warm up to other pets at homes such as cats, chickens, and other smaller animals. This implies there will be no fights or disagreements among them, leading to a peaceful environment. Also, they will help look over and take care of smaller pets.

5. They are hardworking

Dogs have been helping humans for a long time ago. In fact, some people keep dogs for protection. The golden retrievers show exceptional hardworking traits and pay attention to details. If you have a small family and need to run errands around the house, these breeds of dogs are always there for you. They run small tasks like keeping the baby lively to hard tasks like moving small items from one place to another. This enables them to excel in more creative assignments such as policing, tracking drugs, search and rescue, and directing disabled people. No matter what the task or assignment is, the golden retrievers will always turn up.

golden retrievers for sale

6. They’re fiercely loyal

Golden Retrievers are absolutely loyal to their owners. This, they learned from the environment they are trained. When you spend enough time with your pet at home or work, this will deepen the bond between you too both of you will enjoy in the long term. The pet will start adoring you and your family and will always go out of its way to make your household comfortable. When used as a security, it scares away strangers from your property and protects your family from any harm.

7. They’re well-mannered

Nobody hates a well-mannered pet. With the right training, the golden retrievers can understand what their owners love, hate, welcome, and unwelcomed. They will also understand how to do in front of your family members or visitors and won’t give you a bad name for owning a big dog. It is imperative to have a pet that doesn’t disturb the neighborhood or give you a bad name for taking care of it.

8. They are suitable for family hunting

If you take a close look at a golden retriever, you would know it is a good hunting dog. It has a fantastic personality. It’s always as if the golden is waiting for you to give your orders. It comes in handy when hunting with your family because it is robust and sturdy and gives you an edge in the woods. Apart from improving your hunting productivity, it is a good way to protect your inexperienced family in the woods.

9. They are playful creatures

This breed of dogs is natural to be with, playful, and radiates positive energy every time, making them the ideal best friend for your kids.

Golden Retrievers are playful, radiant, and energetic, making them a favorite companion among kids and adults alike. Because golden retrievers are intelligent and understanding, they learn quickly how some games are played and make a better company for your kids and adults alike.

Do you and your family love playing in the water? You just bagged yourself a new partner because the golden retrievers enjoy playing in the water.

10. They’re attentive to their owners

Golden Retrievers were brought up to understand their owners or masters, which is one of its most notable strengths. Totally submissive and enthusiastic, these hairy lovelies are easy to please and build a connection with. If you want loyalty, attention, and care, you will always have this with the dog. He will follow you everywhere and hear even your faintest murmur. It is unarguably the best dog to create a connection with as it ticks all the boxes.


Golden retriever is an excellent family dog that every household who needs a pet should be looking at. Fiercely loyal, protective and caring towards it owner and family members, it is definitely in a league of its own.

Even though there are other beautiful dog breeds other than a golden retriever, none comes close to it in terms of features and being loyal and attentive to family needs.