Golden Retrievers facts

8 Facts about Golden Retrievers dog

There are a few dogs that command respect and love as the Golden retriever. This fantastic pet has full fur, hairy, beautiful, caring, and fiercely loyal. It is arguably the best family dog around because it pays considerable attention to details, and even strangers love it.

There is a probability that one or two of your friends or families own one of these fantastic pets if you don’t have one yourself. It is that popular and unique.

These unique breeds have a fascinating history and have a great understanding that belies their gentle posture and story. There is a probability that you have much information on the Golden Retriever dogs, but I am sure you haven’t seen these fantastic Golden Retrievers facts I will discuss below:

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1. Golden Retrievers tends to carry things carefully

Apart from its strong and natural built, this special dog has a unique feature that almost everyone finds surprising; they are soft-mouthed. This means they have the uncanny ability to pick things and deliver it gently to the owner or sender. This is an exceptional skill that all hunters would love in a hunting dog because it helps them get their prey in not time unblemished.

For example, if a hunter shoots down an animal like rabbit, hare, or duck, the Golden retriever can be sent to bring it without deforming it like some other dogs and enabling the hunter to be in his shooting position.

This ability depicts one of the more special facts of the Golden Retriever dogs. Some of its puppies are so good at this job of soft mouth that they can even fetch an egg, take it to the owner without scratching or breaking it. How amazing is that?

2. Golden Retrievers have peculiar nutritional needs:

That attitude to chew and lick their toys relates to the food bowl as well, where they mostly eat a lot without anyone to tell them to stop. Kibble diets are ideal for them since dry food gives rise to a more specific ration and works well in “slow feeder” bowls.

3. Golden Retrievers loves playing with water naturally.

As a special breed, you are not wrong to be expecting different traits. Though some breeds of dogs don’t entertain the idea of having a good bath with their owners, Golden Retrievers love to have an enjoyable water time with their owners or mentors. Apart from having a soft spot for water naturally because of their robust build, they also have a coat usually made to withstand water. Their double-layer coat has a durable undercoat that reduces the cold if they get into the waters during the cooler months and their long coat that shields water from getting into their skin from outside.

Even at this, you should be ready to get wet when they decide to shake their body off after spending quality time in the water.

4. Golden Retrievers are very famous in the US:

Yearly, you would always find the Golden Retrievers in the top 3 breeds in the United States. In 2019, it was rated third behind German Sherperd and Labrador as the most popular breeds in the US.

Their reputation for being caring, loving, and loyal family dogs probably contributed to its popularity, and virtually all the US houses would love to have a Golden Retrievers in their apartment.

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5. Golden Retrievers adapt easily to training

Nurtured to be attentive, obedient, and extremely intelligent and understanding, Golden Retrievers quickly adapt to every trainings. These features have made them indispensable in the water and the woods because they can thrive anywhere. Though German Shepherds are always with the police officers, Goldens have responsive noses that make them perfect for sniffing out and discover drugs and other illegal things in cars, public places, or anywhere. They can also be utilized effectively in search and rescue operations and help victims in times of disasters or adversities. They are also perfect as a guide for disabled people to navigate their ways around.

6. Golden Retrievers are prolific movie actors

The gentle behavior and attitude of the Golden retrievers show why people hold it in high-esteem than other breeds of dogs. Hollywood enjoys the Goldens's presence because they are calm and easily teachable in moves scenes by a professional.

The continuous success story of dog-themed movies such as Air Bud, with more than a dozen films and counting, as well as classics like Homeward Bound and 2017’s hit A Dog’s Purpose largely depend on this amazing dog breed to make their business boom. Although there are special effects to make the scene perfect, the ability of the Golden retrievers to interpret their roles perfectly is any director’s delight on set.

7. A Golden Retriever once lived comfortably in its White House home:

Probably the most popular and fanciest dog home in the US, the home of the President of America once housed this unique breed of dogs. Historically, two former presidents of the United States - Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan – both had their amazing Golden Retrievers. President Reagan’s puppy Victory lived mainly on his ranch helped by horses around, and President Ford’s dog, Liberty, had a residence of its own at the White house. Liberty grew so popular that the President’s family started receiving requests for an autograph from the famous Liberty.

8. Golden Retrievers forebears are now in extinction

Golden Retrievers came about through breeding of a Yellow Flat-Coated Retriever with the Tweed Water Spaniel. This Tweed Water Spaniel has not been seen since the late 1900s. Goldens got most of its notable features such as the wedge-shaped skull, full fur and thick fur on the tail from the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. These features were first seen in the Tweed Water Spaniels, and it was meant to help them overcome the problematic waters around the Scottish shores. The feathered fur helped make the “doggy paddle” easy and effective against the waves and current of the Scottish waters.


The Golden Retrievers are synonymous with care, love, loyalty, and understanding, making them a dream for every family. The above Golden Retriever facts are written further to help you with the knowledge of the special breed and appreciate its uniqueness.