Golden retriever’s health and life span

How long does a Golden retriever live?

If you are going through this article, the chances are that you have a Golden Retriever, or you are thinking about getting one for yourself. Anyhow it is, Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs that are caring, loving, loyal, and protective, all of which makes them a fantastic family dogs. Also, they are the third most popular dog breed in the United States, trailing behind only the Mercurial Labrador Retriever and the equally excellent German Sherperd.

However, as impressive as all these features are, most people decide not to buy the Golden retriever dogs because of their lifespan. Generally, they are reputed for short lifespan, a marked difference to other large dog breeds. This article will talk extensively about the health and lifespan of the Golden retrievers and how to improve its lifespan to help you understand this better.  

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The bigger dogs die early

Generally, bigger dogs don't enjoy a long lifespan, like the smaller ones. Nobody truly understands this mystery as there are other big animals such as elephant that lives longer than mice or duck. Let’s examine why the case of a big dog is different and they have a very short lifespan.

Why is the case of a dog different?

According to new research, a bigger dog tends to grow faster than small ones. They live stronger and faster. Also, it is not the same for all breeds of dogs. A Border collie has almost the same lifespan as that of a Golden Retrievers, even though they have only half of its weight.

Many people have the assumption that one year of a dog is the same as seven human years, which is not valid. This usually depends on the weight and size of a dog, and some scientists have resolves that for every 4.4 pounds of weight a dog accumulates, it gets its life expectancy reduced by a month.

How long do Golden Retrievers Live?

Golden Retrievers are big dog breeds which automatically reduce their life expectancy. Typically, their average lifespan should be between 10 and 12 years. This implies that a five-year-old Golden Retriever would be in the same life position as a 40-year-old man.

Naturally, this depends on many factors such as health, feeding, and the likes. There are instances where the Golden Retrievers have lived for as long as two decades, but it is very rare to happen.

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Golden Retriever Life Expectancy and Cancer

Most times, Golden Retrievers die from bone cancer, lymphoma, and blood cancer more than any other dog breeds. It has been challenging for anyone to understand and explain this.

Golden Retrievers are more susceptible to other kinds of cancer from their early age, which adds to their short life expectancy.

For instance, one Golden Retriever was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus before it clocked ten months old! It is the youngest example of this kind of cancer ever discovered. Some factors have been associated with this cancer situation.

 According to research, early castration of Golden Retrievers gave rise to more occurrence of some cancers and hip challenges.

However, there have been no conclusive findings on the reason for the short life expectancy of the Golden Retrievers. Nobody knows precisely why they don't last long like they used to do when they first entered the public.

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live with Other Factors

Definitely, other factors affect the health and lifespan of the Golden Retrievers. Golden Retrievers tend to have hip and joint health challenges. Although this doesn't mean they will die from the pain, it will significantly affect their mobility and quality of life.

Improving your Golden Retriever's lifespan

Thankfully, there are some measures to take to enhance and boost the health of your Golden Retriever.

Ensure your dog exercise well

When this is done, it keeps their weight in check and reduces the risk of having joint and hip challenges. Also, it can reduce the chance of them remaining cancer-free.

 According to this study, there is a connection between meals free from grain and health issues such as taurine deficiency and dilated cardiomyopathy in Golden Retrievers. Their growth is mostly complex and shaped by different things. It is thus essential for you to make sure your dog eats a balanced meal at all times.

Also, selecting a Golden Retriever puppy that has a naturally healthy immune system will also help improve its lifespan as they grow old.

Although it is challenging to identify and choose dogs with strong natural immunity, you should check on the puppy's latest family history to make sure they don't have a hip problem because if they do, the offspring will have too.

Most of the Golden Retrievers have a lifespan of 10 and 12 years old, but many factors affect this. Genes play essential roles in the lifespan of a Golden and its proneness to cancer, which can affect its health and reduce its lifespan.


As earlier explained, hip and bone problems might affect mobility and reduce the quality of life and the estimated lifespan of a Golden retriever. Another factor that affects Golden Retrievers' health and lifespan is excess weight. Excess weight leads to different disorders that can reduce their lifestyle considerably.

All Golden Retriever owners understand that their dogs can add to their active years through the quality of exercise and food they take. I know how difficult it is to have to separate from our loved pets, and every dog lover wants the doomsday to be moved forward; this is when the dogs need their owners.

 You can increase their life by giving them a balanced diet, taking them for a walk, drawing a training and fitness schedule for them, and never missing a date with the vets. If you have a tight schedule, arrange a nanny that can take care of your pet when you are not around. All these will go a long way in keeping them fit, improve their health, and extend their lifestyle.