Type of Golden Retriever Dogs

3 types of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are exceptional breeds of dogs that are famous around America. They are quite adept in hunting, policing, and guide for people who are not mobile. Also, they love creative exercises like training and following directives.

They are sturdy, hairy, and famous for their glossy coat. Its landmark features include big head, short ears, bright eyes, and straight jaws.

Golden Retrievers mostly go around with a smooth and accurate pace carrying their trademark tail with elegant aplomb. They are easy to train because they are intelligent and adapt quickly to the family.

Male golden retrievers are as tall as 24” inches to the shoulder while the females’ ones stand as tall as 22.5” to the shoulder. They also weigh up to 75 pounds, and its life expectancy is between 10-12 years.

In this article, we will talk about the 3 types of golden retrievers, the features, and their differences.


However, when it comes to the types of golden retrievers, there are irregularities in the information available about them, and also the color and features. Before this can be established, one needs to understand the history of Golden retrievers, the breeds and what differentiates them.

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History of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers first came around in Scotland during the 19th century. During this period, changes and evolution were starting to happen to hunting styles and expedition. Prior to this time, hunters were able to get their prey by getting close and shooting them. As the guns started adapting to changes, hunters now found it difficult to fetch their targets they have killed from a long distance. Their prey often escaped before they could get to them, and other times, they flee to the rivers or ponds where it becomes even more difficult for the hunters to get them.

 The dogs used in hunting then were not reliable or intelligent to help the hunters overcome this new problem. Even though the dogs would do well to get the prey at short distances, to get the prey killed from a long-distance became a challenge. This made it imperative for a new breed of dogs to come in and solve this challenge.

There was a man called Dudley Marjoribanks, who sat down and came up with a way. He started rearing the Yellow Retriever and joined it with the now-defunct Tweed Water Spaniel. The offspring from this crossbreeding job were then bred with other dogs, and within a period of 50 years, a new breed was birthed. It naturally liked water and had a full, furry coat that kept it warm from cold. It was mild and can be trained easily due to its obedient posture. This is the story of the now-famous Golden Retriever.

Now, Golden retrievers are now one of the most sought after dog breeds in the United States and the world in general. They entered the limelight during the 1970s when the public started liking President Gerald Ford’s special Golden retriever named Liberty. Soon after, the people began breeding Golden retrievers, which became a national heritage of some kind. So the Golden Retrievers are almost always the same thing apart from the name and a few physical differences.

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The 3 kinds of Golden Retrievers

Many people have the belief that the Golden retrievers don’t come in different types. This is not true as Golden retrievers come differently. Usually, there are three widely accepted Golden retrievers; British Golden retrievers, Canadian Golden retrievers, and the American Golden retrievers. All these types don’t have significant differences to one another when compared. Their differences are mostly physical, which doesn’t impact the well-being and emotions of the dog.

1. British Golden Retriever

The British Golden retrievers are also referred to as the English Golden retrievers and are well known for their long hairy coats. They are a little bit smaller when compared to the Canadian Golden retrievers but don’t have much difference.

The difference between the English and American Golden retrievers is nothing to write home about and, most times, use both interchangeably. They have related body sizes, and their coats share the same features that are hard to notice. The glaring distinction between these two separate kinds of pure breeds is how some of their body parts are structures. You can distinguish the English Golden Retrievers with their bigger skulls and stronger front legs. Their eyes are also typically darker and firmer when compared to the American Golden retrievers.

2. American Golden Retriever

American Golden Retrievers are usually slimmer than and not as strong as other pure breed golden retrievers. They are not as muscular and powerful as their counterparts. They have darker fur coats than the English golden retrievers but maintain the same height.

 American Golden Retrievers have brighter eyes and are famous for their triangular or diagonal-shaped pupils instead of the well-rounded ones.

3. Canadian Golden Retriever

Among the pure breed golden retrievers, the Canadian Retrievers are unique and distinct. It has shorter hair when compared to American and British golden retrievers. Also, it is slimmer than both of its counterparts and has less hair.

The primary striking difference between the Canadian Golden retrievers and other pure breeds is that it has more height, which is at least two inches more.


Golden Retrievers are fiercely loyal, attentive, obedient, gentle, and protective. All these qualities and more make it ideal for family dogs. They quickly adapt to friends, families, and strangers, which explains why everyone wants to have them at home.

Even though there is much information on the types of Golden retrievers available, this article has talked extensively about the 3 widely acceptable types of Golden retrievers.

Golden retrievers are in 3 types, namely the British Golden retrievers, American Golden Retrievers, and the Canadian Golden retrievers.

All the 3 types of Golden retrievers are ideal for a family as they have almost the same features. They share the same breed, and because of this, the only difference is their physical characteristics. So next time you want to buy a Golden, don’t be afraid to choose anyone of them.